Getting Started with your Free Web Hosting

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At x10Hosting, we’re proud to say our free web hosting comes with some great benefits without any of the hidden restrictions that other free mail365 hosting providers come with.  We want the best experience for our users, and we’re happy to say we do our best to provide it.  With our free web hosting plan you can set up 2 addon domains, 3 subdomains, and 1 parked domain and create 3 email accounts and FTP accounts all without any ads on your websites!  And because we like to make things as easy as possible, our free web hosting uses cPanel and comes with easy auto-install scripts, as well as a free site builder, so you can create your own website.  So, if you’ve just signed up for our free web hosting, or have been a long time x10Hosting user, this article will help make sure you get the most out of your free web hosting account with us!

 Getting Started with your Free Web Hosting

All of our users have access to cPanel for their web hosting account, making it easier to add domains to their account, create email accounts, access files, and modify settings of their account.

With x10Hosting, you’ll be able to create up to 3 email accounts with your web hosting account.  Email accounts will be related (colocation uk) to any domains, or subdomains that are added to cPanel.  Creating and using an email that is related to your domain and website can help boost trust between you and visitors and professionalism with your website.  It is always better to use an email account that is rather than  You’ll also be able to access your emails via the webmail on your cPanel account easily for each of your email accounts.


If you’re looking to set up a website that uses a content management system, such as WordPress or Joomla, or an colocation hosting website with PrestaShop or Magneto, you can easily get started with Softaculous at the bottom of cPanel.  Once you’ve loaded up Softaculous, you will be able to search for any scripts you’re looking to install and set them up easily from there.  After you’ve installed the script you’ll be able to access the backend of the CMS via your website’s URL/installLocatio

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Maybe you want to set up a website, but you don’t want to use any best dedicated server hosting uk and don’t have any coding knowledge?  Don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered with our free Site Builder!  You’ll be able to easily set up any website without any coding knowledge at all.  You can read one of our earlier blog posts to help get you started with using site builder for your website.

Once you have all of your websites up and running, you may want to keep track of your free web hosting’s resource usage.  This way you can keep track of when your website has the most active users, or when you may have hit a resource limit and what time it happened at.  If you see your websites giving you an “Internal Server Error” you may be hitting a limit for one of your resources, such as entry processes.  You will be able to see a graph of the number of entry processes at one time for the past 24 hours or more.

Free web hosting backup manager

Free backup manager

A huge feature that we are proud to provide for our free web hosting users is the ability to restore your website or databases from any of our available restore points.  Our backup manager is powered by R1Soft, and offers granular restore points.  So you’ll be able to restore a single file that may have gotten deleted or corrupt from any of our restore points.

And if you’re happy with uk colocation, we’ve recently set up an affiliates program so that users can invite friends or family and set up ads on their website and make money with each referral.  You can read more about it and sign up for it here!  Be sure you are following our Facebook and Twitterpages to stay up to date with the latest in webmaster tips, updates for web software, and more.