5 things to know before opening your new website

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Opening or renewing a website is no small feat. In this guide we reveal all the secrets you need to know before you start, to answer questions such as …

Is a website better, or an account on a social network like Facebook?

What are the options for creating a website? How much does a website cost? Do I need a web agency, a professional, or can I do it myself?

What are the steps to create a website?

Is it possible to objectively measure whether a website works well or not? Do I need to renew it? When is there a need and why to renew a colocation hosting website?

1: Yes, you really need a website!

One question that surely arises anyone who starts a business is: do I really need to have a website? Is it worth creating a website for my company? Or is it better to have a Facebook page, an account on Instagram, or a showcase on Wix or Etsy, or Booking?

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It is certainly a legitimate question: there is no shortage of alternatives , and one often avoids asking this question to a professional web designer, being afraid to get an answer only in his interest!

Having a website, however, is really of primary importance for any business!

There is a long line of advantages of having a website:

The website is a tool you have full control of : everything is exactly how you want it. The contents, the layout, the graphics: every little detail is designed and created exactly as you want it.

The website will never be removed from you : it is your property. Third-party platforms (Facebook, Wix, Etsy, …) can close or change their conditions (and perhaps become paid ) at any time. Your website is not.

Your customers expect to find the most current and correct information about you there. The site will become the most authoritative center of your web presence, from which you can then explore other resources, such as social networks or company profiles.

On the website you can, right away or in the future, offer advanced services : an e-commerce, a booking or booking system, a search between documents, a reserved area. Your site will evolve with your business, and will be enriched over time with the features that really serve your customers.

… and many other small advantages that you will discover gradually!

Given all these advantages, how much does a website cost? In reality there are even free or low-cost tools; there is the possibility of contacting a small cheapest email hosting web agency (such as Crisis of the Perspective ) or a freelance; or you can ask a larger and more structured agency. The wealth of options allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

However, great care must be taken to create a high quality site and choose the right professional : only in this way will this investment have a return.

In Italy, most companies have a website … but looking in detail, things vary from sector to sector. One thing is certain: if your competition is already highly digitized personal email hosting (i.e. it offers its services, price lists, reservations, etc. on its website) then it is essential not to fall behind. If, on the other hand, your competition does not, then it is a truly unique opportunity to be seized!

Of all companies in Italy, in 2017, 72% had a website, but only 10% had online sales .

At the same time, 42% of Italian companies buy via the Internet .Among Italian manufacturing activities, in 2017, 40% have a website with their own price lists , but only 10% allow online purchases.

Among hotels and accommodation facilities, in 2017, almost all of them have a website and allow you to book : over 80%!

(Data: ISTAT).

Who said you have to choose between a website, a social network and a platform?

We said that a corporate website is not the only way to be present on the Internet: one’s web presence (i.e. the virtual presence of one’s company on the Net) can also be entrusted to other means. In particular, in the era of Social Networks, a Facebook page, a profile on Instagram or LinkedIn, can be very valuable tools for reaching your audience.

Similarly, for many categories of activities there are dedicated platforms that act as intermediaries . It is certainly worth exploring and knowing them, to decide whether to exploit their potential in terms of audience reached:

for hotels and accommodation: booking.com , airbnb , tripadvisor , and travel aggregators

for artisans : Etsy and Ebay

Thinking about the makers, we find again: Etsy and Ebay. We have written a specific guide on this theme: cheap email hosting or a site of my own ?

for real estate companies : all ad mail365  aggregators such as Idealista , Casa.it , Immobiliare.it etc …

for businesses in general: LinkedIn