At this level you should know:

Install WordPress via FTP

Edit the wp-config.php file

Open phpMyAdmin

Create a Child Theme

Distinguish post types, pages templates, hooks, filters. You don’t have to know how to develop them, but you need to know that they exist, that they can be used and how.

Install WP locally, do some version control.

Copy and paste judiciously teased PHP snippets 😎

What I do

I deal with front-end , but I can write the PHP necessary to add a series of basic features that could be useful to my customers. I don’t call myself a front-end developer because I do so many more and less. I make sites.

Sometimes I make advanced customizations of other themes (by advanced I mean that the graphics are completely changed, part of the structure and modules necessary for the client’s activity are added. Example The magic flute , started from here , or Chapeau Events , started from here ) sometimes I create ad hoc themes .

I only use the Genesis framework : specialization has made me fast, expert and competitive.

Here are the things I know and my tips for learning my freelance job.

The technical things

Understanding how the internet works

Understanding of the structure of WordPress and its functioning



PHP (to taste)

Version control (to taste)

Color theory

Continuous updating on themes of design, code, web performance, accessibility, usability (in quantity varies according to the moment)

Freelance things

Being a freelancer who creates sites does not mean just knowing the technical aspects of the matter: if you want to do just that, look for a nice junior dev position as an employee and start from there. Not everyone is suitable for freelancing and in my opinion in some companies, from a technical point of view, you can grow much more than with self-made continuous training.

The most important feature to have, as a freelance website creator, is the ability to understand customer problems and think about solutions . Especially if you work alone, this is more important than being on the axis of PHP. You will take care of the whole project, so you must be clear what the potential that WordPress offers to help your customers. Even choosing a theme to adapt to your client’s needs requires that you understand them thoroughly and that you know how to propose the right solution, not a “beautiful, with all those special effects” theme .

You will need to update yourself on design and development trends : do not become experts, but know what we are talking about right now. You can’t fall for it if someone talks to you about AMP. You may not know in practice how it is done, but you must know that it is something that exists. Know enough about  web performance  and  accessibility  to avoid messing around. The badasses are also made by the grown-ups, we will improve immediately.

Think about how to promote your work : with SEO, with a blog, with social networks, with contributing to open source. It doesn’t matter, find a way and make people know what kind of service you offer, be honest when you describe it.

Motivescinal things

Many times the email ends with β€œ Will I be able to keep myself doing freelance sites? “. I know that you want to be reassured, in fact, I would like to hear from a senior colleague every now and then “Brava, you’re on the right track”. But the pat on the virtual shoulder and the “Of course, if I did it, you can do it too” no, I can’t. Instead I say to you:

Build a portfolio by making sites to friends and relatives, free, exchange goods, it doesn’t matter. In fact yes, don’t get paid for things you don’t know yet.

Study. Never stop studying.

Be curious. Even if you don’t deal with back-ends, get a rough idea of ​​how it works.

Do the math . Keeping yourself is such a personal concept. There are those who maintain themselves with 500 euros per month and those who need 5,000!

Contribute to open source to understand what lies beneath: structure, of course, but also decision-making processes, internationalization, community, etc … WordPress is one of the largest open source projects in the world. Mozilla is another nice project from which you can learn a lot. Linux , of course. Or look for any project on GitHub that deals with what interests you and give your contribution.

Always be closing. Or rather: always be helping .

Ship often. Ship lousy stuff, but ship. Ship constantly.

Take a theme, print the files if necessary and read every single line of code (functions.php, style.css, single.php … all!) Until you become one with it.

Take a theme. Break it and fix it.

When you feel really adventurous do the same with a plugin.

Talk to those who do your job, exchange ideas and favors, even customers, why not. Do not feed the flames but give your contribution, small or large, to make the web a better place for everyone. Reply in the forums even if you know one thing and one only. When you know more, don’t be arrogant with those who know less, the smart, the ironic: there is someone who knows a lot, but a lot more than you and the day that will make you code review you will want to die and you will regret being rude to the newbies. I will be there to watch with popcorn because nothing makes me enjoy more than seeing the pundits put in their place by really competent and generous people.

In practice: where you learn

In the great university of life, which for those who deal with the web is Google. Here are my favorite resources:




Skills and More  (Italian, shout out to that cool by Andrea Barghigiani, who also wrote a book on inbound marketing and WordPress πŸ”)

Read religiously

A List Apart


Smashing Magazine

The books of A Book Apart , even those of themes that don’t interest you so much in my opinion …

To attend


User Group



Cloud infrastructure isn’t any different than typical data center infrastructure, except that it’s virtualized and offered as a service to be consumed over the net. Servers, storage, computing resources, and security are key components of the cloud infrastructure.

What are the components of “the cloud”?

The “cloud” is formed from front-end and back-end platforms, and also the delivery network that connects them. The front-end platform may be a tool for the tip user, like a PC, a tablet or a portable, or it may be a electronic network. The back-end platform is that the physical infrastructure or software applications that are accessed through the delivery network, which is mostly the net but in some cases it may be an intranet.

What is cloud infrastructure as a service?

IaaS (infrastructure as a service) forms the muse for cloud-based computing, allowing users to make virtualized IT platforms which will be easily scaled. during this model, third-party hosted hardware is formed available to users for rapid provisioning in a very virtualized environment. Users access these resources through a browser-based management console or through an API. IaaS services scale to satisfy demands, and users pay just for the resources they use.

Taking infrastructure one step further, PaaS (platform as a service) offerings include an entire development environment that’s hosted within the cloud and has tools, artificial language, databases, networks, servers, storage, package , web server and far more. The PaaS provider hosts and maintains the system, and infrequently builds an answer tailored to individual customer needs. Many providers offer pay-as-you-go pricing models and other kinds of models online.

What is cloud infrastructure management?

The preparation, configuration, monitoring and optimization of virtual machines and cloud services belong to ” infrastructure management within the cloud “. These activities generally occur through a web-based interface.

Why cloud infrastructure?

Cloud infrastructure may be managed far more efficiently than traditional physical infrastructure (which generally requires individual servers, storage, network and processing components to be purchased and assembled to support an application). With cloud infrastructure, DevOps teams can deploy the infrastructure programmatically, as a part of an application’s code.

The cloud infrastructure is flexible and scalable, making it perfect for business computing. By using technologies like  hyperconverged  or  composable infrastructure , you’ll be ready to convert your local data center into a cloud infrastructure which will be integrated into a multi-cloud system and managed from one panel.

HPE cloud infrastructure solutions

Cloud Solutions:  Transform your IT environment into the proper mixture of private, hybrid and managed cloud infrastructure for greater agility and efficiency, still as reduced costs.

Hyperconverged Systems: Standardize the simplicity of IT with HPE Hyperconverged Systems , your all-in-one solution for cloud and virtual machine management.

Characteristics of a good data center

Data center is an exclusive data center, where each company operates the infrastructure it uses to manage its business activity. It is a space where the servers and storage systems that run and process data and content are housed.

Not only are large corporations susceptible to requiring systems that support state-of-the-art technology, this is how Data centers in Mexico have been increasing their participation in the business world.

In Mexico we observe a greater number of Data centers every year, being an important business opportunity.

What are the main functions of a data center?

Operate the system

Execute the assigned processes Perform Back-up

Keep track of failures

Apply safety rules

Comply with standards

Execution of security systems for its proper functioning

Benefits of having a data center

Install electronic access control systems: This protects access to all points of the Data center, electronic access control mechanisms that only allow authorized persons.

Guarantee the physical protection of the place: Build the area of ​​the place in a way that protects it, even, against natural disasters.

Create a provisioning process: Any user who accesses the Data center must be registered in a protected system to guarantee the security of the data.

Cages and cabinets: These structures guarantee the safety of switches, tanglers and hard drives.

Technical characteristics of a datacenter

There are many technical details that we must take into account when we have a Data center. Some of these specifications are:

Connectivity via OC-12 SONET connection to multiple POPs providers on the backbone.

Control of the environment (temperature, humidity, static and airborne particles). The environment is controlled and designed for maximum server comfort.

Advanced fire extinguishing systems.

Independently powered diesel generators capable of sustaining data center operations for more than a week and UPS systems for individual servers.

Multiple-SCSI backup system for data storage and retrieval. A separate, limited-access area for co-location of servers.

Power management system at 1,450 Amps.

Protection against electric current

90% of the energy generated by the equipment that operates in these places is transformed into heat.


The continuity in the operation of the systems of a Data center depends totally on the availability of the energy supply.

That is why, regardless of the capacity or size of the data center , it is essential to have the client-dedicated power, sustained by the Un-interruptible power supply (UPS) . High-capacity CAT generator and server-dedicated switch protection.

A UPS suitable for these types of systems can provide more than 100 minutes of backup to the Data center , even though it only requires 30 seconds to synchronize the supply to the next level.

At Vogar we have the highest quality UPS to support the power supply of your Data center . Discover our range of products here or contact an advisor to offer you technical support according to your needs.

The word blog?

The word “blog” may be a contraction of the words “web log” which, translated into Spanish, means “web blog”.

Although the blog could appear sort of a 21st century invention, the reality is that the primary blog in history was born in 1994 by  Justin Hall , a student at Swarthmore University. However, it absolutely was not until 1997 when the young man began to put in writing about politics and technology on his blog, so 1997 is taken into account the year of the birth of the blog. In 1999 there have been 23 blogs worldwide. WordPress was born in 2004  , popularizing blogs globally.


– Why do companies create a WordPress blog?

– the ten characteristics that outline a blog

– kinds of blogs

– Objective of the blog and target

– the way to choose the simplest kind of blog?

Why do companies create a WordPress blog?

Currently, many companies are reckoning on creating a  corporate blog , mainly for 2 reasons. On the one hand, to supply information that’s interesting and adds value to users, who are potential customers. And, on the opposite hand, to boost the organic positioning of the web site itself in search engines like Google; detain mind that the blog is a unprecedented tool to redirect traffic to a company website.

The 10 characteristics that outline a blog

Entries: this is often the most significant characteristic of a blog since it defines the essence of anyone. These kinds of websites are made from posts, also popularly called posts. These entries are moved in chronological order on every occasion a replacement one is published.

Static and dynamic pages:  if we suits the definition of what a blog is, it’s an internet site whose content is dynamic since entries are added from time to time. However, a blog also has static pages; generally there are two, “Contact” and “Who we are”.

Content:  traditionally, blog posts are made from text and also the occasional image accompanying it. However, for several years, many users are trying to draw in visitors by using video content, animations, infographics …

Organization:  the overwhelming majority of blogs that we will find on the net are organized using labels on the one hand; and, on the opposite hand, categories. the target is none aside from to create the search of the content within the blog as easy as possible for visitors.

Subscription:  when a user creates a blog on WordPress, the platform par excellence, there’s a plugin that from  Axarnet , our  Spanish hosting company , we recommend 100% install. it’s a plugin that permits visitors to take said blog; during this way, on every occasion a replacement entry is published, they’ll receive an email in their inbox.

Characteristics of a Blog

Most of us already know what the characteristics of a blog are , but this blog also includes people who are new to blogging, so from time to time I publish posts with basic training on blogging. In this post I am going to explain the characteristics of a blog .

Blogging is in fashion.

It is increasingly easy to find someone you know who has a blog, perhaps not dedicating himself to it full time, but at least dedicating a few hours a week to a blog on any subject.

characteristics of a blog

What is a blog?

A blog is simply a web page that does not have static content, but rather displays its content in chronological order, content that is updated regularly.

But in this post I want to focus on detailing the characteristics of a blog below .

To know more about what a blog is and the benefits of having a blog you can read What is a blog, the complete guide .

Characteristics of a blog.

Made up of posts or posts . One of the main characteristics of a blog is that its content is divided into posts that move chronologically each time you publish a new post.

Blogs also have static pages , which usually form a main menu. Examples include the “about” or “contact” pages .

In a blog, readers usually have the option to comment on the published article , thus creating a two-way relationship between the author and his readers.

A blog can have a more personal touch , using the author a more informal language than that used on a business website. This helps readers get hooked on the author’s style and decide to become regular readers of the blog.

Texts, links, images, videos, audios, animations, infographics , etc. can be used in a post .

Tags and categories can be used in a post to facilitate the search for content within the blog.

In the content of a blog, selected keywords can be used to position the blog with those keywords and thus receive web traffic.

A blog usually allows you to subscribe to it with your email address to receive updates.

A blog is a good tool to get web traffic to your business website.

A blog allows you to generate income by monetizing it with different methods such as Adsense, affiliate programs, marketing your own products or services, with direct advertising, etc., thus achieving passive money online .

Men’s accessories:

Recommendations: Today it is very important to wear casual clothes, but this depends on the occasion, a well worn tie will give the impression of good taste. It is crucial that the tie is at the top of your belt, as well as the narrow neck shirt that is for a narrow necktie and the wide neckties are for wide neck shirts. And to conclude, choose the suit according to the color of your tie to highlight the shades of the outfit you are wearing, it’s that simple.

Men’s accessory: Necklace

men’s necklace

How can I wear a necklace according to my style? Well here I have the answer:

Recommendation:  The trend of men’s necklaces has become a classic where today, you can show off in a unique way with shades of neutral garments either black or white to look different, depending on the type of material, color, finish, thickness and size. If you use this ornament it becomes a special detail. Since the necklace you use also defines your personality, whether it is silver or gold, it is for a more sophisticated or pretentious look, now if it is made of wood, it is for men with a more relaxed appearance and the leather is for men with a more sophisticated profile. retro or youthful. Interesting, right?

Casual accessory for men: Bracelet

accessory bracelet

Recommendation: The traditional and trendy accessory for men , especially leather, nylon and silver bracelets where more and more men are used to wearing it. If you are wearing a watch, you can use it as a complement to the bracelet, but it does not look charged. Another fact is the proportions and adjustments for these accessories that adapt to the type of doll, also important the place where you go, whether it is a sport or semi-casual occasion, would suit men who lead a not very formal lifestyle. 

Men’s accessory leather belt

strap accessory

Recommendation: The accessories for men as classic belts distinguish us, because this supplement is versatile and you can use it with different outfits. First you must take into account the type of color, usually colors such as black or brown are used that match any shade of clothing. Second, the durability of the belt is important, although it will be more expensive, it is why choosing a leather one guarantees a good product. Finally, keep in mind that when using these belts with large buckles they are a thing of the past, so keep in mind the proportions especially if they are formal belts.

Fashion accessory tie bra

pisa men’s tie

Recommendation: It is usual in men with a certain formal look, using it will give you a plus of personality, being clear on how to use it properly. These accessories are the elegant and safe option for men . It does not necessarily have to be silver, you should also not use it together with a vest, since this garment is a bra in itself, so it is unnecessary. Also try to match the bra with some metal details of your outfit such as the watch or buckle of your belt, because now you know it.

Men are concerned with looking better and making the difference between one style and another

Today more and more men are concerned with looking better and making the difference between one style and another. Few gentlemen know how to dress appropriately, but we commonly make mistakes when defining our style, and this happens because we have no one to advise us for certain special occasions such as events, work, friends’ meetings, among others. This is the case of many, of not knowing with what accessories and garments to combine to go a place and be flawless for the moment, that is why here we will share some tips to improve your appearance and highlight your personality.

Recommendation: Without a doubt it is a vintage ornament in these times, without thinking it is perfect for people with a casual outfit and even more that they are no longer accessories that only adults wear. The beret in winter comes in handy and if it’s much better cotton for that season, it’s a good choice. But if you are one of those men who use it in summer, go for classic fabrics, it is advisable to choose light berets and breathable fabrics, that the material is linen. 

Accessory: Leather briefcase

Briefcase for men.

Recommendation: Is a briefcase part of the outfit? Obviously yes, there are types of materials for types of garments that can be according to you, right now you must surely be asking yourself many questions, but why get complicated, because here I will tell you what you should consider to stand out.Important detail is the material that matches your style, for example as the fabric that fits more for casual wear and the leather that sticks more to a more formal style. Also another important fact is the functionality, that is why it is recommended to be able to carry a model with three functions such as backpack, portfolio and suitcase that nowadays you can get it on any side, which in turn allows us to use it for any type of situation that may arise. .

Winter accessory: Scarf

Scarf accessory

Recommendation: These accessories essentially in winter are the indicated occasion, nothing better than to use it to give a sophisticated style to your outfit. This conservative garment like the scarf can be combined with a black or gray jacket as long as it does not contrast too much with the type of coat color you are wearing. Another detail that should not be missed is the measurement and to know the correct measurement is placing it on the neck without doubles and that the ends reach the waist, now you know.

Accessory: Mens Leather Backpack

Black men’s backpack

Recommendation: The indisputable companion that makes life simple beyond serving to study or work. You should consider using backpacks with seasonal color tones in this winter case, a serious color tone such as black and leather that makes the difference from conventional backpacks. On the other hand, the comfort factor of these accessories is important to buy a backpack as long as it is necessary, otherwise do not do it, if you are one of those who carry agendas, documents, laptop, among others, a backpack is so spacious and comfortable to carry it. on the back, then this addition is for you. 

Classic accessory men’s cap

Coconut oil against split ends

Split ends are a very frequent nuisance that makes hair look rough and unhealthy.
Hair is lacking in essential nutrients and moisture. The tips become brittle and split.
The hair looks scruffy and coarse. Applying coconut oil before bed once a week as a hair cure prevents and
acts against split ends. You just have to rub the coconut oil on your hands to warm it up, and massage
it into the tips after washing your hair. The next morning, wash your hair as usual.
Coconut oil: hair care – Dr. Goerg
Coconut oil as hair mask: application and time of action of coconut oil
To properly treat hair with coconut oil, coconut oil hair cure should be performed at least once a month.
To make the natural hair mask with coconut oil, you must first wash your hair with mild silicone-free shampoo.
Rinse the hair well, there should be no shampoo residue. Carefully rub the hair without scratching too much as wet hair is
very sensitive. Comb the hair with a thick-toothed comb. Depending on the length of the hair, melt 1 to 2 tablespoons of
organic coconut oil in your hands. Start with the scalp and massage with the oil. The oil strengthens the roots and softens
possible irritations of the scalp. After the massage, distribute the rest of the oil through the hair until it reaches the ends.
Finally, and very importantly, wrap the hair in a towel. The heat helps the coconut oil to produce the full effect.
The expected action time of the hair mask is a minimum of 1 hour, although it is preferably an entire night
. Once the coconut oil hair cure has worked, the hair should be washed again with a mild shampoo.
Coconut oil as hair wax: a completely natural styling product
Coconut oil can also be used as a styling product, for example as a hair wax.
This way you can style wild hair and get around the day of unruly hair.
You just have to melt a small portion of oil between the palms of your hands, massage into the hair and give it the desired shape.When cooled the coconut oil becomes more compact and the hair gets the perfect firmness. A wonderful side effect of coconut oil as a hair wax is naturally the careful and protective effect of coconut oil for hair.
Fact: pure coconut oil as a natural hair care product
Coconut oil is a natural miracle for damaged hair and dandruff or greasy scalp.
Thanks to the valuable ingredients, organic coconut oil, used regularly, contributes considerably to beautiful,
healthy and shiny hair. Coconut oil can be used as a hair cure and as a styling product. By applying it with a massage to the ends,
coconut oil works against split ends and can help prevent them. With irritated scalp, coconut oil helps to re-establish the natural balance of sensitive skin.

The effect of coconut oil on hair Whether summer or winter:

Any season of the year poses its own challenges to hair. UV rays, chlorine and salt water attack the hair
structure in summer, while in winter dry air from heating and knitted hats severely affects hair and scalp. Not forgetting how we damage our hair with a lot of styling products, by using a too hot blow dryer or curling iron and
straightening irons. As a consequence, our hair becomes dry, with brittle ends and rough, dry hair.
Also dyed or colored hair requires more attention and care. Thanks to its natural and valuable substances,
coconut oil offers perfect care to the hair and is very hydrating. With a dry or very greasy scalp
coconut oil can work by regulating it and stimulating hair growth. Coconut oil guarantees shiny,
healthy and attractive hair. For the use of coconut oil on hair, bio virgin coconut oil is generally purchased and
used exclusively. The reason is its ingredients: industrial and treated coconut oil loses valuable minerals and vitamins,
thus reducing the positive effect of coconut oil.
Coconut oil to strengthen hair
Hair is exposed to atmospheric weather and other harmful environmental impacts throughout our lives.
For this reason, it requires special attention and careful and frequent care. Used as a natural cosmetic product, coconut oil strengthens the hair and makes it more resistant.
Thanks to the vitamins and minerals contained, the hair is nourished and has a healthy shine.
Organic coconut oil for hair is a natural product without artificial or industrially produced substances
and can be used long-term. Unlike the usual artificial hair care products, the risk of irritation,
allergies or other side effects on the hair is too low. Coconut oil against dry hair
Hair can become dry or coarse due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, chlorine, or salt water. But also the heating air can affect our hair: it dries, becomes rough and tends to break. The scalp can also suffer under these effects and react with drying and itching. Coconut oil can help counteract it as it provides moisture and, applied as a massage to the scalp, helps to re-establish the skin’s natural balance.
Applying coconut oil to hair: tips for beautiful hair
Coconut oil, thanks to its nourishing substances and properties, can be used in different ways as a hair care product and as a hair wax. For permanent hair care and protection, a coconut oil cure should be performed regularly and on a long-term basis.